75 today!
Mark and I are preparing for the Two Oceans marathon in Cape Town next Saturday (Easter Saturday). I have always thought it appropriate that the 56km race is run on the day when we as Christians are asked to remember the suffering of Jesus - it helps me to get some perspective on my "suffering".

Having to run 6 out of seven days in the week has helped to get me fit. Mark, on the other hand, is naturally fit and he generally floats along nonchalantly. He ran a 32km race at Midmar last Sunday. He spoke of running very slowly - finishing it in three hours! What a biscuit.
We both have had to cope with the physical niggles: Mark has a nerve and I have a hip - but we do not talk about them. Instead we talk rubbish, joke and laugh about the weather, the road, and other runners. Mostly we find loooong stories to recount so as to make the road shorter.

And we are grateful for our health and strength.


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